The Jane Cornaro Series

Jane Cornaro had a normal life in suburbia. Then she was held at gunpoint, cold metal pressed against her temple. On the run, Jane finds herself in a deep web of contradicting lies, truths, and unknowns.

In the Fogs of London: Book One

Held at gunpoint, cold metal pressed against her temple, Jane prepared to die for a secret.

Two years later, Jane is a barista at an artsy café in London’s Dalston neighborhood. She lives in obscurity. Every moment of every day, meticulously planned for her safety. Closing the café for the night, she hears the clatter of the bell above the door.

Death waits for her, rolling in with the fog. But some mysteries are too important to take to the grave.

Blackwater Dossier: Book Two

A promised second chance. Jane had his word, his solemn vow. Keeping her part of the bargain, she left everything in England without a single regret.

Life on a cruise ship isn’t glamorous, but she is safe—or so she believes. Tropical Storm Edna brings torrential rain, violent winds, and certain Death. Gunsmoke and blood drag Jane back into the game. The secret in her head is the only thing keeping her and the man with the gun one step ahead.

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