Natalie-Nicole Bates, owner of Perfectly Poisoned Press, and Jennie L. Morris, owner of By Quill and Lantern Publishing, are pleased to announce a joint writing endeavor. Launching autumn of 2020, THE ALBION: 1892—a unique series of historical romances set in the year 1892. With Perfectly Poisoned Press based in the United Kingdom, and By Quill and Lantern based in the United States, Natalie-Nicole and Jennie aim to provide an exciting series of books to readers worldwide.

Fondest Regards, NNB & JLM

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Books in the Series

Rosey Red with Blood on Hands – The Albion: 1892 Book One by Natalie-Nicole Bates

The year is 1892. Rosey Rydall is a fiercely independent and entrepreneurial woman of the time. Check-in girl at The Albion Hotel is only one of her jobs. In the background, she runs an informal body selling business with the town coroner, Anton Larsen. She also is a trusted friend and confidante of wealthy hotel mogul, Thaddeus Anderton. A friendship that is both loving and beneficial for both. Two men love Rosey.She haunts the dreams and existence of Marty Burke, a much married and respected police officer who looks the other way from Rosey’s business, as well as the night time activities occurring in the basement of The Albion. The other is her partner in crime, Doctor Anton Larsen, a man of true quality who loves the dark and dangerous as much as Rosey. When Marty’s wife dies, and he turns his attention to Rosey, she spurns his attempts at possessing her. In turn, he threatens everything, and everyone Rosey loves. She must now take bold and decisive action to rid herself of Marty or risk the lives of those who mean the most to her.

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His Redemption – The Albion: 1892 Book Three by Natalie-Nicole Bates

With a baby on the way, it should have been the best Christmas ever for Evie Stanton. Instead, she finds herself a widow, and alone in a strange town. Luck seems to shine on Evie when she meets police officer Marty Burke. Marty is everything her late husband was not – kind, caring, and loyal. Marty offers to marry her, and give her and her baby a home. It’s almost too perfect until Evie hears rumors about Marty’s past. She finds it impossible to reconcile the handsome, wonderful man she knows, with the dark and dangerous man she is told about. For Evie, her choice becomes one of uncertainty. Marry a man with a questionable reputation, or find herself homeless with a new baby.

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Drawn in Shadows – The Albion: 1892 Book Two by Jennie L. Morris

Get drawn into the shadows of the heart. As a medical student, Mabel Blackwood knows each anatomical feature of the human heart. Yet, she’s never felt its racing pace conjured by a single glance—until meeting Henry Grier. Born amongst society’s dregs, Henry entertains at a prestigious bordello on Carlyle Street. Will his unconventional past push away scholarly Mabel? Or will Henry’s free spirit ignite a transformation?

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The Absent Thread – The Albion: 1892 Book Four by Jennie L. Morris

Dr. Ezra Blackwood, a renowned surgeon, has the respect of his colleagues near and far. A mystery surgical catastrophe leaves him shaken. Uncertain of his skill and path, he retreats to Carlyle Street and to The Albion, a place of refuge where the demands of his profession are far away.

Lost, Ezra finds no solace in the vices that used to soothe him. He is a haunted man. Unable to forget or forgive himself for his failure. Not even the arms of a long-acquainted lover can ease his heart.

A chance encounter with Adelia Barker changes everything. The proud, independent woman sparks a fire in Ezra, long absent. Her fighting spirit reminds him that not everything is easy. Some things require sacrifice.

But how much will Ezra sacrifice for this woman?

Is her heart worth his life?

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The Albion: 1892 Book Five in 2022!

Characters & Places

About Natalie-Nicole Bates:

Natalie-Nicole Bates has worn all the hats in the publishing world – reader, reviewer, author, and now small publisher with Perfectly Poisoned Press. She has the ability to see the point of view of everyone involved with the love of books.

With a taste for the darker side, Natalie-Nicole’s favorite genres are Dark Victorian, Steampunk, and Dark Paranormal. Her interests include collecting Victorian-era photographs, Frozen Charlotte Dolls (her latest batch was just delivered from a German excavation site after being buried underground since about 1860), and antique poison bottles. She loves exploring and photographing cemeteries – the older, the better!

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About Jennie L. Morris:

As a self-proclaimed Anglophile and research geek, it’s no wonder Jennie L. Morris writes Romance and Historical Fiction with a flair for realism. Her love for learning led her to obtain degrees in Anthropology and Biology, which she often relies on during her writing process. Coming from NE Ohio, and raised on a small beef cattle farm, life was anything but ordinary growing up.

Jennie now resides in rural Kentucky, among the bluegrass and dazzling horse farms, with her amazing husband and their boxer Archie. When she isn’t reading or writing, she is feeding her tea obsession or perfume addiction, letting the scents and flavors fuel her creative fires

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