Tales from Clayton Bridge

Settled before the conquest of the Romans, Clayton Bridge has a vast history spanning centuries. Layers of stories mark the land, entwined with the village’s deep-rooted foundations. Its people belong to the earth. They keep to Britannia’s old ways—slow to change. Visitors say it is an odd place, full of eerie beauty. A lasting sensation of unknown loss lingers long after their departure, calling them back to misty lanes and thatch-roofed cottages.

Like turning the pages of a leather-bound book, the village waits to tell its tales.

Better the Devil You Know


An immigrant, Fredrick Wolf has to succeed at Morrow Academy of Anatomy and Science. Not only succeed, he has to prove to his peers that he belongs, that he isn’t a poor local Dr. Morrow accepted out of pity.

Fredrick is willing to do anything to procure a prime specimen for their special assignment. Calling upon his uncle, his partner in crime since their move to England, Fredrick plans to use his uncle’s position at the local gaol to select the perfect candidate.

But not all prisoners are the usual drunkards or petty thieves. Some possess dark secrets, especially the man known in Clayton Bridge as Eugene Wallaby. Biding his time, Eugene sees young Fredrick’s murderous plan as a means of escape, but only if Eugene can survive the night.

Luella Carey isn’t crazy, not really, not that anyone believes her. Sent to Barrow Haven Asylum for a melancholic nature, she’s locked away at the behest of her father and his new wife.

Grieving for her mother’s death, Luella finds comfortable solitude in the asylum until several anonymous letters appear. Mr. Winifred Carey’s new wife intends murder. She plans to claim the Carey fortune as her own.

Mere days to escape the asylum and warn her father, Luella turns to a new friend, Mr. Isaac McEwen. The clock ticking down the hour, Luella fears her final decision. A grave mistake, perhaps? But who can she trust?

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