Quick Research Tips – Where to Find Info

I don’t know about you, but I love a well-researched story. This can be historical fiction, or it can be a sci-fi thriller, space opera, or even a cozy romance. When an author puts in the work to sprinkle in nuggets of information, it’s like finding candy on Easter–or the equivalent to someone who neverContinue reading “Quick Research Tips – Where to Find Info”

Book Review: Katherine- Tudor Duchess by Tony Riches

This series is fantastic, each book gets better and better! While I’m not a Tudor expert, I’m familiar with the main players of the time. Somehow, Katherine, this woman so interlaced in Henry VIII’s court, went unnoticed. Riches lets Katherine’s story overlap with the previous book, so there is no gap in the chronology, makingContinue reading “Book Review: Katherine- Tudor Duchess by Tony Riches”