Sugared Florets & Bayonets: A Candy Shop Book

Minerva, Ohio 1919

The mortar rounds and trenches of the Great War echo in Joe Conley’s head. Returned home a hero, he is a great thespian. Inside, an imposter lurks. His heart ripped from his ribcage by the savage gallantry of battle.

Sally Smith scrapes by out of necessity. The village’s curious introvert, she applies her gardening skills to her advantage, selling sugared flower petals to the local bakery, café, and mercantile to decorate cakes and teas.

School cohorts, Sally and Joe, despised each other. The war hero, a changeling by circumstance, discovers a friendship without demands from the distinctive woman. And Sally, finally, feels the comfort of companionship.

Skin Deep Ruins

Underneath a ruined life, can be the purest souls.

Birgitta Ellingsen, Tattooed Lady and one-half of Dark Carnival’s daring knife-throwing act, craves normalcy. The markings on her body, forever changing with her moods, are the result of a centuries’ old curse, passed on from mother to eldest daughter upon reaching womanhood. Born into Dark Carnival, this is her home, but Brida longs for something more, something different, a peace unknown to her. She loves Dark Carnival, but still feels lost.

Ever the vagabond since his father’s death, Alexander Evans, once on his way to becoming a reputable member of society, now moves place to place hoping for work. No longer living the carefree life of his youth, he grew up fast. Every extra coin goes to the care of his invalid mother. While in town, an accidental encounter with a mysterious, apprehensive beauty from the travelling carnival leaves Ali entranced.

Can Ali live in her world, or will the secrets of Dark Carnival lead to their undoing?

Drawn in Shadows (The Albion Book 4)

Get drawn into the shadows of the heart.

As a medical student, Mabel Blackwood knows all the anatomical features of the human heart, yet she’s never felt its racing pace conjured by the meeting of a single glance until she encountered Henry Grier. Born amongst the dregs of society, Henry entertains at one of the most prestigious bordellos on Carlyle Street. Will his unconventional past push away scholarly Mabel or will Henry’s free soul transform her into something much more?

The Absent Thread (The Albion Book 6)

Is her heart worth his life?

Dr. Ezra Blackwood, renowned surgeon, has the respect of his colleagues near and far, but a mystery surgical catastrophe leaves him shaken. Uncertain of his skill and of his path, he retreats to Carlyle Street and to The Albion, a place of refuge where the demands of his profession are far away.

Lost, Ezra finds no solace in the drinks and gambling that so often soothed him in the past. He is a haunted man, unable to forget or forgive himself for his failure. Not even the arms of a long acquainted lover can ease his heart. But a chance encounter with Adelia Barker, owner of Barker’s Bakery and Café changes everything. The proud, independent woman sparks a fire in Ezra that he thought lost forever. Her fighting spirit reminds him not everything is easy, some things take sacrifice.

But how much will Ezra be willing to sacrifice for this woman?

Dark Hollow Lake

Dark Hollow Lake isn’t your ordinary resort town. Beneath the murky waters and hidden within the mountainous forests, there are more secrets buried in Dark Hollow Lake than anyone has ever cared to uncover. Until Now….

Join Cruel Ink Publishing on a vacation to Dark Hollow Lake, Tennessee.
10 Authors. 10 thrilling novellas. All taking place in our not-so-quaint resort town.
Come for the ski slopes and beautiful lakeside cabins. Stay for the murder, mystery, and mayhem.

Included in Dark Hollow Lake: Collection One,
Dance of the Mourning Cloak by CJ Warrant
Ossified Vestiges by Jennie L. Morris
The Descent by William Joseph
Knock Twice for Yes by Casia Courtier
The Demon Rite by H.N. Donnelly
Wolf Moon by Melinda Terranova
Killer at Dark Hollow Lake by K. Moore
Deep Waters by Brigitte Ann Thomas
Iris Viola by Pasithea Chan
The Legend of La Lechuza Part One by Krystle Able

The Once and Future Kingdom

Camelot. King Arthur. Merlin the magician. Knights in shining armor. It’s one of the most frequently told stories in the history of Western civilization…

But you haven’t read THESE stories yet.

These are tales of Camelot, Avalon, the Once and Future King, any of the Knights of the Round Table or their ladies (faithful or otherwise), as told by some of the best independent authors in the world. Let our authors lead you back in time to when honor meant something and magic was behind every corner. Come back to the Once and Future Kingdom.

Love is Like a Box of Chocolates

We love sweet romance stories like we love truffles and cordials, toffees and caramels – and when they’re bathed in a decadent coating of rich, creamy chocolate, they’re satisfying, delicious, and we can’t stop with just one. LOVE IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES presents sixteen stories that capture both the sweetness and variety of a box of chocolates. Ranging from new loves to rekindled attraction, these stories are filled with sweet meet-cutes, nutty quirks, and the unexpected richness hidden beneath the surface of the characters and their developing relationships. And all wound through with ribbons of chocolate.

Contains sixteen sweet stories by M. L. Buchman, Katherine L. Evans, Tami Veldura, Cheryl Wright, Adele Downs, Eliza David, Debbie Mumford, Donea Lee Weaver, Jadelynn Asher, Jennie L. Morris, Marianne Bayliss, Meyari McFarland (x2), Michele Dean, Neen Cohen, and Remi Carrington. Edited by Lyn Worthen

Old Kentucky Bourbon: A Statesman Book

Twins Felix and Nadine Demmerle nearly broke their mother’s heart when they both joined the military right after high school. More than a decade later, Irene’s children had come home to rest her nerves. Now, a highly-decorated SEAL (Felix) and an Officer-slash-Attack-Helicopter pilot (Nadine), are settling down and planting roots back home in Kentucky.

Felix has intentions on opening a bourbon distillery. Nadine is looking forward to riding her brother’s coattails for a little while as she decides what career path she wants to pursue now that she’s back on U.S. soil.

Together, these twins reunited, uncover secrets about one another from their military past, and soon realize their future is not what it seems. Will their twin ESP get them in trouble? Or be just what the other needs to complete their next mission?

Blue’s Night Out: A Donut Shop Book

The year is 1927.

Davis Bakery has the best breads in Queens, New York City, and Blue Davis is proud to serve her customers. Helping her grandparents run the shop, Blue crosses paths with an old high school friend George Greyson, a musician, returned from a long absence in the neighborhood.

The problem?

Blue’s bookish nature and naiveté with the gentlemen blind her to what’s right in front of her. Gorgeous George invites her to an upscale speakeasy for dancing, sweet jazz, and drinks. Surprising even herself, Blue accepts but insists on bringing her best friend and socialite, Myra Post.

A skiff and lie to Blue’s grandparents, along with local gossip about that night, lands her black and blue, and shipped off to upstate New York to stay with another family member.

Will George seek out the love he most desires after Blue is sent away? Or will he let the music die along with her departure?

Apparitions of Elizabeth Robinson

A story born in the hollers of Eastern Kentucky.

Elizabeth Robinson.

An Elizabeth Robinson has lived in the hills of Eastern Kentucky as long as people have built permanent settlements in the lush, green forests. While the mountains recover from the War of Northern Aggression, the simple folk seek the healings of the Robinson women. Three generations, working the ways from the old country, live in isolation.

The youngest Elizabeth Robinson, a healer by happenstance, despises her role in the family. She longs for freedom, the wilderness of her youth, an escape from a dark secret. Alone in the forest, she stumbles upon the ghost of a Yankee soldier, Samuel Henry.

Determined to help Samuel pass beyond the veil, Elizabeth brings him back to her mountain home. Turning of the wheel of fortune, prosperity changes to misfortune for the Robinsons, and a menacing figure lingers like a thick fog. Generations, built on lies, force Elizabeth to face a bleak reality and make the ultimate sacrifice.

A Yuletide Premonition (The Albion Book 5)

Fate remains unwritten when all is given to love.

Jasmine Loveridge has no illusions about her life. With the spiritualism movement on the rise, she works more than ever, donning her fortuneteller costume each night to perform for the pinnacles of society at their Christmas gatherings. She needs the money to care for her brother and ill mother. After an accidental encounter with Mr. Draven McKellis on Carlyle Street, she encounters the admired entrepreneur unexpectedly while working a Christmas party. His penetrating gaze disapproving of her profession from across a candle-lit table covered in her tools of the trade.

A dangerous premonition concerning Mr. McKellis forces Jasmine to risk more than her reputation. Obliged to reveal the truth of her inherited abilities to the skeptical man, Jasmine’s disclosure turns into an unlikely friendship. Outside the scrutiny of high society, Draven is a man full of fancy, hopes, and dreams. Jasmine falls for this gentle, inquisitive soul. But she can never forget her station. Though her heart beats for one man, this is no fairytale. She expects no happy ending for a Carlyle Street gutter rat, no Yuletide miracles. A life of a spinster is her destiny.

Better the Devil You Know

An immigrant, Fredrick Wolf has to succeed at Morrow Academy of Anatomy and Science. Not only succeed, he has to prove to his peers that he belongs, that he isn’t a poor local Dr. Morrow accepted out of pity.

Fredrick is willing to do anything to procure a prime specimen for their special assignment. Calling upon his uncle, his partner in crime since their move to England, Fredrick plans to use his uncle’s position at the local gaol to select the perfect candidate.

But not all prisoners are the usual drunkards or petty thieves. Some possess dark secrets, especially the man known in Clayton Bridge as Eugene Wallaby. Biding his time, Eugene sees young Fredrick’s murderous plan as a means of escape, but only if Eugene can survive the night.

Princess for a Day: Volume 2

What does it mean to be a princess? Is it all about the diamond-studded tiara and the glitzy glittery dress? Is being a princess mean being the center of attention in a ballroom full of admirers? Or is a princess something different? A leader, a visionary, a pioneer? Someone who exudes confidence and kindness, someone brave and courageous? A person who fights for the rights of others?

Seven best-selling authors have come together in Volume 2 of Princess for a Day to share their stories of what being a princess for just one day means to them.

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