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Current Publications

Unfortunate Fables: Stories of Tormented Adventure

Welcome to Unfortunate Fables.

Here you’ll encounter fairy tales and fables from across the globe, reimagined and reinvented by a group of talented authors. Expect tragic stories to get your pulse pounding and prepare for thrills and chills. Searching for calamitous encounters with tormented adventure? You’ve come to the right place.

Includes the dangerous writings from these inventive authors: Jack Archer, Sascha Darlington, Richard Phillip Hoffman, Terry Hooker, Jennie L. Morris, M.M. Nightly, Samantha Preston-Morris, Whitney Zahar

Welcome to a grotesque universe where strangulation is the ultimate proof of love, youngsters morph into something less than zombies, happiness is but an invitation to suicide, and children beg to be smothered in their cribs. Mindless work provides no escape from this nightmare, as alienation can turn you into rotted produce or a blubbering mass of boneless flesh.

Stillborn Gallery collects nine nihilistic tales centered around the theme of mortality. Axl Barnes mercilessly uncovers the nest of maggots infesting the core of life. Each story comes with its own illustration by visionary artist Thomas Stetson, fitting together for a uniquely bleak and dazzling experience.

**Reader discretion advised. This is intended for adult readers only. It contains extremely graphic descriptions, situations, and illustrations that may be unsuitable for some readers.