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Ravenous Fables: Stories of Mystical Entanglement

Welcome to Ravenous Fables.

Here you’ll encounter fairy tales from across the globe, reimagined and reinvented by a group of talented authors. Expect scintillating stories to get your heart-racing and prepare for sweet seduction. Searching for steamy mystical entanglements?

You’ve come to the right place.

Includes the delicious writings from these inventive authors: Jack Archer, Tiffany K. Brooke, Rynn Collins, Melissa Cummins, A.C. Dawn, Andra Dill, T. Elizabeth Guthrie, Sheri Lynn, E.S. McMillan, Jennie L. Morris, Samantha Preston-Morris, Kate Seger, Dakota Star, Whitney Zahar

*WARNING* This collection of short stories involves extensive, mind-blowing, adult themes and is intended for Adults Readers Only!

Other Services

  • Manuscript Formatting
    •  We used Vellum to create customizable formatting from short stories to novels.
    • One-on-one consultation on every aspect of each section of the manuscript
    • You will receive files for online retailers for eBook and paperback
      • COST:
      • 1,000k-20,000k = $20
      • 20,000k-40,000k = $30
      • 40,000-80,000k = $40
      • 80,000k-150,000k =  contact for pricing.

** Examples upon request

  • Detailed Research
    • Need help researching the details of your book or don’t have time to check for accuracy? I can help, with years of experience in academic research I can compile a dossier on the subject matter needed for your manuscript. I specialize in scientific and historical research, however, I can obtain information on a wide range of topics from credible documentation.
      • $65 an hour, with a minimum of 4 hours. 
      • Additional fees may apply for access to certain records.
      • A discount for extended projects.
      • A full bibliography included, with links or scans of the source material.

** Examples upon request

  • Editing
    • Need editing for your book? Q&L offers a variety of editing services.
      • Proofreading
      • Fact-Checking
      • Line Editing
      • Copy Editing
      • Structural Editing
      • Editorial Assessment
      • Developmental Editing
      • Price varies for services and project type and length.

** Examples upon request