Broken Roses Novella Series

Challenges. Some define us. Some destroy us. Broken Roses is a novella collection written by talented authors, showcasing the indomitable female spirit.

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Losing Faith – EL George

Faith changed everything. For a kid too young to even really talk, her smile said everything I needed to hear. The way she reached for me as I shuffled her from visit to visit with her drug-addicted mom spoke louder than any plea she could have shouted. I heard her. I couldn’t let her be broken too…

It wasn’t realistic for me to think that I could change the world. Hell, I was broken. But it didn’t mean I couldn’t get my hands a little dirty and save all the children who came across my desk. That’s why I became a social worker; to make a difference in kids’ lives. I was doing it—one day, one kid at a time—until I met Faith.

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Unforgivable – Mia Jones

It wasn’t realistic for me to think that I could change the world. Hell, I was broken. But it didn’t mean I Love at first sight? Ranch owner Jaden would deny such a thing, except he’s wanted Shay since high school. In youth, his temper got the best of him, and he drove what he wanted most away–for good.

With grit and fight, Shay claws her way through a difficult adolescence. She finds the strength to keep going, determined to make something of herself not only for herself but her mother.

Sometimes you can’t escape the past. Shay returns to her hometown and runs right into her childhood tormentor. Seeing his second chance, Jaden decides to make amends for his actions. He doesn’t know if it will be enough for her to forgive him.

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The Safe Room – Whitney Zahar

Faith changed everything. For a kid too young to Aria photographs abandoned structures and locations—the odder, the better. Through her lens, she keeps her subjects at a distance. In reality, the cracks in her life are too close, as her beloved twin sister Tam struggles with a lifetime of mental illness. Tam finds refuge on her blog called The Safe Room.

At a stop in Staunton, Virginia, a crumbling building draws Aria in. The haunting building has a dark past. The new subject also piques Tam’s interest, as if sensing the depth of a story, and urges Aria to dig deeper.

The more Aria learns, the past encroaches upon her hometown, and she must find ways to raise awareness while creating space for dignity and respect.

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The sisters Thorpe – Samantha Preston-Morris

Beth Caine has raised her sister’s three daughters to the best of her ability, but even the strongest wills are tested when poverty is close behind. At her wit’s end, Beth reaches out to her estranged mother for help. Will the past continue to haunt them, or will forgiveness be given another turn?

More Novellas coming in 2022!

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Second Chances – Tiffany K. Brooke

April served her country, but she gave up something in return. After spending time in a hospital, she came to terms with that loss. April is determined and wants to better herself. Everyone seems to live a good life, doesn’t she deserve one too? Can she rely on her own strength, her own fortitude, to make a life of her choosing? 

The hardest part of taking a new path is the first step, and April fears the demons nipping at her heels. Does a person ever get a second chance at life?

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The Art of Letting Go – Esme Wolf

Painter Aimee Jean’s marriage to an abusive alcoholic literally goes up in flames one cold winter night, leaving her with no belongings, no portfolio, and only an insurance check to her name. She decides to leave everything behind and goes to the opposite coast, where she sets out to rebuild her art career and remember who she really is.

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A Moment in Time – Rynn Collins

Opening her dream photography studio in a new city, Aberdeen Evans embarks on an adventurous journey of self-discovery. The moment all of Aberdeen’s hard work looks to be paying off, her adventure comes to an abrupt halt when she was assaulted. Everything, including her sense of self, feels ripped away and replaced with fear. With her attacker free, Aberdeen forms an unexpected friendship with an Inspector on the case.

Inspector Sterling Montgomery and his partner remain stumped by an elusive criminal. At every turn in the case, Sterling questions his ability to get justice for Aberdeen and the other victims. He has suspicions, but acting against procedure may have catastrophic consequences.

Will Aberdeen’s assault leaves her and Sterling in shambles, or will they discover the path forward from that moment in time?