Broken Roses Novella Series

Challenges. Some define us. Some destroy us. Broken Roses is a novella collection written by talented authors, showcasing the indomitable female spirit.

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Losing Faith – EL George

It wasn’t realistic for me to think that I could change the world. Hell, I was broken. But it didn’t mean I couldn’t get my hands a little dirty and save all the children who came across my desk. That’s why I became a social worker; to make a difference in kids’ lives. I was doing it—one day, one kid at a time—until I met Faith.

Faith changed everything. For a kid too young to even really talk, her smile said everything I needed to hear. The way she reached for me as I shuffled her from visit to visit with her drug-addicted mom spoke louder than any plea she could have shouted. I heard her. I couldn’t let her be broken too…

More Novellas coming in 2021!

Second Chances – Tiffany K. Brooke

April served her country, but she gave up something in return. After spending time in a hospital, she came to terms with that loss. April is determined and wants to better herself. Everyone seems to live a good life, doesn’t she deserve one too? Can she rely on her own strength, her own fortitude, to make a life of her choosing? 

The hardest part of taking a new path is the first step, and April fears the demons nipping at her heels. Does a person ever get a second chance at life?