Essay Review: Mary Tudor: A Story of Triumph, Sorrow and Fire by Anthony Ruggiero

This essay is a great overview of Queen Mary’s brief time on the throne. This examines the political and religious (as the two are interwoven at this time) climate of her fight to the throne until her death. A woman of power is always dangerous, as they’re seen as precocious without a man’s influence. Mary Tudor had an agenda, as all monarchs, but she was under the intense scrutiny at home and abroad. Well researched, I enjoyed the this book. While Mary isn’t my favorite Tudor monarch, this definitely makes me want to read more about her.

Maria Tudor1.jpg
Portrait of Queen Mary I of England, by Antonis Mor, 1554.

I admit, I tend to overlook Mary Tudor. This essay pointed out several historical events I’d never heard of before. I jotted down a few notes, and hope to do my own investigation on Mary’s short reign.

Until next time, darlings,

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