Book Review: Katherine- Tudor Duchess by Tony Riches

This series is fantastic, each book gets better and better!

While I’m not a Tudor expert, I’m familiar with the main players of the time. Somehow, Katherine, this woman so interlaced in Henry VIII’s court, went unnoticed.

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Riches lets Katherine’s story overlap with the previous book, so there is no gap in the chronology, making for a smooth transition. From there, he weaves an intriguing multi-layered tale of a woman who grew from having no power, to being a powerhouse in her own right.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Riches has done his research, which is obvious, but not dry. The narrator is marvelous, and well-suited. I recommend to anyone interested in the Tudor Dynasty or in the reformation of the Catholic Church in England.

If you’ve any other suggestion on books about Katherine, please share!

Until next time, darlings, stay safe and healthy,

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